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Library Staff Talking Too Loud

MC Library Suggestion
Submitted: 12/12/2011 04:03:55 pm
Affiliation: MC Undergraduate Student

It would be nice if the employees were not the LOUDEST people in the library. It's not the student workers, but the ADULT employees. The library is supposed to be a QUIET place to study not a place to listen to employees scream on the phone or be laughing and joking loudly. I am know it can't be quiet constantly, but I swear almost every time I have come in here this semester I can still hear the employees over my headphone that I have to use now when I come to the library. This is supposed to be a quiet place where I can get away from the LOUD dorms but it is louder here now. It is quite ridiculous and I am tired of it.


Thanks for your comment. I've found that library staffs in general tend to let their guard down as we approach the holidays and the end of the semester. Of course, that coincides with final exams and all the pressures that students are under at this time, so it is the worst time for that to happen.

Your comment has been forwarded on to all the library staff with a reminder that they need to be more sensitive to students' needs.

It's also worth pointing out that for most libraries today, the main floor is typically not considered a quiet area. Because of the general noisiness of people passing through to other areas, the printers and other equipment, and the necessary talking with other patrons and on the phone that must happen at the service desks, it just cannot be a truly quiet area for intense study. The library has plenty of places on the other floors that are usually very quiet. We've also made sure that there are computers on every floor, and that there are a variety of seating options, including individual study carrels that help reduce distractions. When you need to focus on your studies, please remember these options to help you accomplish what you need in the library.

Dr. Douglas Anderson
Director, Legacy Library

Christmas Display

MC Library Suggestion
Submitted: 11/04/2009 10:47:31 pm
Affiliation: Not Specified

Hello Library Staff,

I'd just like to say that your Christmas display is highly offensive to those of us on this campus who do not celebrate the holiday. I, for one, celebrate Hanukkah and know that many other students celebrate other holidays. It's fine that you want to be festive, but what happened to Thanksgiving? And also, if you have 6 shelves, couldn't you include a diverse spectrum of holidays? This is supposed to be a liberal arts college, and therefore, should be expected to be diverse in every aspect possible. Not to mention that I was in the library working on a presentation and it was extremely distracting to have EVERYONE on your staff making such a fuss over a display that didn't even turn out all that well.

Please fix your mistake!



The display you are referring to is a selection of books from the R. Lee Walp collection in the Legacy Library's Special Collections. Lee Walp was a professor emeritus of biology at Marietta College (1931-1975). The collection contains over 200 editions of the classic Christmas story The Night before Christmas by Clement Moore, some of them quite old and historic. Interspersed around the books are typical Christmas decorations: ornaments, small wrapped packages, garland. There is nothing overtly religious about the display, if you consider Santa Claus to be a secular figure; there is no cross, no manger scene, no star.

I'm sorry this display offends you. Your suggestion about building a display around a Hanukkah theme is something that we will be looking into. Unfortunately, given the integral nature of the Walp Collection display, we won't be able to modify it to include your suggestion. We are in the planning stages for a display elsewhere in the Legacy Library building of some Japanese wood block prints that the College has recently received. Some of these prints include images of Japanese gods. If we try to excise all religious elements from our displays because someone is offended by them, we will eliminate much that is meaningful about human history.

You also comment about noise caused by the library staff during the set up of the display. This is indeed a concern and it will be addressed soon in a library staff meeting. In the new Legacy Library we are discovering various unexpected noise issues. The hard floor and other surfaces in the library lobby tend to project the sounds there into the reference area where they can be distracting.

Thanks for sharing your concerns.

Dr. Douglas Anderson
Director of the Library

Laptop Printing

MC Library Suggestion
Submitted: 10/27/2009 10:08:01 pm
Affiliation: MC Undergraduate Student

Fix the laptops so that they can print!


The laptops in the library print to the same printers that other computers in the library, including the PCs and Macs in the reference area, can print to. Problems like this can be difficult to diagnose, so it is important to report problems of this sort to the Reference Desk so that they can be resolved.

Angela Burdiss