How to Find Information for Proposition of Policy Speeches
(COMM 101 & HONR 112)

CQ Researcher

What is it?

Comprehensive, well-edited, and non-partisan source of information on current and controversial issues. It's one of the first sources a student should consult when conducting policy research. Weekly issues are devoted to single topics such as illegal immigration, death penalty, universal health care coverage, and many other hotly debated subjects. This is a PRINT resource.

Where is it?


All CQ Researcher issues include sections such as:

  • The Issues - an overview of the topic
  • Current Situation - most recent events related to the topic
  • At Issue - a one-page pro/con debate on the topic
  • Bibliography - list of selected sources used in the production of or cited in the issue
  • Next Step - list of additional articles located in popular magazines and newspapers
  • For More Information - List of relevant organizations and associations
  • Maps, graphs, and charts where appropriate

View sample issue of CQ Researcher