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Upload Your Thesis to OhioLink

This procedure assumes that you have a complete thesis approved by your committee and that you have converted it to a PDF file. You should know the name of this file and the directory where it is located.

  1. Go the main OhioLink web page in your browser:
  2. Click on the ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Center in the left side menu, or go directly to the ETD site:
  3. Figure 1. OhioLink Main Page.

  4. Note that you can Browse ETDs by Institution and Department. We suggest that you take a look at other theses in your program so that you can verify that your document compares appropriately with others that have been submitted.
  5. Figure 2. OhioLink ETD Center Department View

  6. The following process takes you through the step of submitting your completed thesis to OhioLink.
    1. From any OhioLink ETD page, select "Submit your Thesis or Dissertation" in the upper right hand corner. You may be linked to another site to complete the process.
    2. Figure 3. OhioLink menu for submitting ETD.

    3. The first step is to log into the ETD submission program. If you have not yet created a login, click on the link "New User? Register Here!" at the bottom right corner of the page.
    4. You may see a warning about your browser version being unsupported. If you have a fairly recent version of a standard browser, it is likely to work fine anyway. Do not let this prevent you from proceeding.
    5. Figure 4. OhioLink ETD Program Login.

    6. If you are creating a new user account, indicate that you are creating a "Submitter/Student Account." Then complete the required fields of the form with your personal information. Then click the button to "Save and Continue" at the top of the screen.
    7. Figure 5. OhioLink ETD Program Create Account.

    8. The system will send an email to the address you supplied with a temporary password. Use this password to log into the system and confirm your account. The system will then prompt you to reset your password to one of your choice.
    9. After you have logged in, updated your password, then logged in again with your permanent password, you will see the screen to Create a new ETD.
    10. Click on the link to "Create New ETD."
    11. Figure 5. OhioLink ETD Program Create a new ETD.

    12. On the next screen, read the Publication Agreement. This is very standard language, but you should be aware of what you are doing. At the bottom of the page, there are three fields you need to complete:
      1. Institution/Unit — click the triangle to display the list of institutions. "Marietta College" should be used for masters theses. "Marietta College Honors Theses" should be used for undergraduate honors theses. See the screen shot below.
      2. I am submitting — You should check "bibliographic information, abstract, and full text."
      3. Check the box that indicates that you have read and agree to the terms on this page.
      4. When you've answered these three questions, you should click the button at the top to "Save and Continue."

      Figure 6. OhioLink ETD Program Select Institution.

    13. On the next screen, you will be providing your name and contact information. Please enter all of this information in mixed upper and lower case letters as you would normally type your name. Do not use all-caps. Make sure that your last name (surname) and first (given) names are in the correct fields.
    14. Next you are providing information about your thesis. It is best to copy and paste these fields from your actual thesis. All of these fields, including the title, should be entered in mixed upper and lower case letters. This capitalization is probably different from your thesis title page.
    15. In the box for the abstract you should definitely copy and paste from your document, since it will be long and easy to make typos. But some problems can occur. Single and double quote marks in particular do not copy well and will have to be corrected by hand. The same is true of other special characters like math symbols, greek letters, and foreign language accents. Please proofread this field before you move ahead. If you want to format your abstract with paragraphs or other formatting, you will need to read the note about how to do so and follow those instructions. You should use the link to review a formatted view of the abstract to see if any problems show up.
    16. In the Keywords field, please enter several words from your abstract that describe the topics you address in your thesis. Put a semicolon (;) between keywords.
    17. In the Subject Headings field, select at least one subject to represent your thesis. It may be as general as your area of study, like "Education" or "Psychology." You can select additional subjects if you follow the onscreen instructions.
    18. When you have answered the remaining questions on this screen, click "Save and Continue."
  7. On the next screen you are providing information about your degree and advisor or committee. Select your degree and program from the drop-down fields. Also enter the names of your advisor and any other committee members and indicate their role in the drop-down field. Please verify the spelling of all names. Then click "Save and Continue."
  8. On the Publication Information screen, you may make any choice regarding the copyright options. The default choice of "Copyright, all rights reserved" is perfectly acceptable.
  9. Figure 7. OhioLink ETD Program Copyright.

  10. For Publication Delay, the norm is for no delay. A delay should be requested only if the article has been submitted for publication and the publisher requires the delay.
  11. For UMI Publication, this option is typical for doctoral dissertations, but is not expected for masters or undergraduate theses. It is strongly recommended that you select "Do not upload my paper to UMI." And since your thesis will be available to the world via OhioLink, there is no advantage to UMI publication.
  12. Figure 8. OhioLink ETD Program UMI Agreement.

  13. After you have made these choices, click "Save and Continue."
  14. On the Document Upload screen, you transmit the PDF file of your thesis to OhioLink.
  15. Select Document Type of "Thesis/Dissertation" and Browse to find the PDF file that you created earlier. Click the Upload File button to transmit the file. It is also possible to upload Supplemental Documents, but that is not typical with Marietta College theses. Click Save and Continue when you are finished uploading files.
  16. The next and final screen asks you to verify all of the information that you have entered. You should click on the link to verify that your PDF file uploaded correctly. Also look at all of the descriptive information that you entered and make sure that it is all correct. If there are any problems, click the Previous button at the top of the screen and fix the problem. If all looks good, click the button "Submit My ETD."
  17. Figure 9. OhioLink ETD Program Submission Review.

  18. Congratulations, you have completed your part of the submission process. Next your submission will be reviewed by the Director of Graduate Studies (or the Chair of the Honors Program) and your thesis advisor. Once final approvals are complete, you will receive an automatic notification that your thesis is available on the OhioLink ETD web site.