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EBSCOhost App for iPhone : Understanding a Detailed Record

When you tap a search result with a detailed record icon and/or an Adobe icon , the detailed record screen displays immediately.

To access the detailed record of a search result with an HTML icon , tap the result and then tap the detailed record icon.

Detailed records provide information about the article, such as:

  1. Abstract (summary of the article)
  2. Author(s)
  3. Source
  4. Subject(s) (terms that are assigned to the article by EBSCOhost)
  5. Database (EBSCOhost database in which the record is located)

Each detailed record also has the following buttons:

  1. Save – Tap to save the record for future use.
  2. Check for Full Text - For information on this button, see Obtaining Full Text Articles.
  3. – Tap to view HTML full text of article, if available.
  4. – Tap to view the PDF full text of the article, if available.
  5. – Tap to email the detailed record to yourself or someone else.