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Library Virtual Exhibit Showcases Marietta Photography, 1880-1900

The lobby display screen in the Legacy Library is currently showing a slide show of the photography of Dwight Biscoe.

Thomas Dwight Biscoe was professor of natural sciences at Marietta College from 1874 until 1907. He received his A.B. degree from Amherst College in 1863, after which he studied for two years in Hartford Theological Seminary. He received his A.M. degree at Amherst in 1866. After spending two years in Germany studying sciences at Halle University, he taught at Cincinnati in 1871-72 prior to coming to Marietta College. During his teaching career, he taught classes in physics, chemistry, geology, botany, and biology. For 40 years, Biscoe reported weather observations for the U.S. Weather Bureau.

Biscoe began learning photography in 1879. This exhibit includes his first photograph and extends through 1902. True to his scientific nature, Biscoe faithfull recorded the time of day, weather conditions, and the technical details of his photographic technique (for example, the emulsions used), as well as location and subject of his photographs. These images show Biscoe's keen eye for photographic composition.

The exhibit features numerous local scenes, including shots of downtown Marietta taken from Williamstown and from Harmar Hill, pictures of the flood of 1883 (including shots taken from Irwin Tower), campus buildings, and the building of the Williamstown bridge in 1902.