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Photocopying using M-Cash

The Legacy Library now offers photocopying using M-Cash on your college ID card. The photocopier on the lower level of the Legacy Library now accepts M-Cash. On that copier, copies are charged at 5¢ per copy. You must have deposited money on the M-Cash account on your card to use the lower level copier.

Paying for Photocopying with MC College ID Card

  • Before you start copying, you must already have put money on the M-Cash account on your card. There must be a minimum of $2.00 on this account, although you will only be charged for copies actually made.
  • If you have questions about how to put funds on your ID card, please inquire at the Legacy Library Reference Desk.
  • Copies are charged at 5¢ per copy (as opposed to 10¢ when you use the Coin-Op on the copier on the 1st floor).
  • Up to 40 copies may be made at one time ($2.00 ÷ 5¢ per page). You can swipe the card again to make more copies.
  • Once you swipe your card, it will remain active for 45 seconds after the last action before timing out. If it times out before you are finished, you will have to swipe the card again.
  • Initially when you swipe your card, the card swipe display will show your balance minus $2.00. When you finish copying, it will show your actual balance after the cost of your copies has been debited.
  • It is recommended that you press <clear> on the card swipe pad when you are done, so the next person can't make copies on your account.


The Legacy Library is no longer issuing new VendaCards for use with the first-floor copier. Previously issued VendaCards continue to be valid and can be used on that copier. Copies on the first floor copier cost 10¢ per copy (cash) or 8¢ per copy (VendaCard).