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Library Announces Winner of Showalter Research Award

On Thursday, April 26, 2012, the Legacy Library held the inaugural presentation of the Kenneth E. Showalter ’50 Special Collections Research Award. This award is presented annually to an undergraduate or graduate student who authors the best research paper using the primary sources of the Slack Research Collections of the Legacy Library. It is funded by the Kenneth E. Showalter ’50 Special Collections Memorial Endowment, established in 2010 by Robert and Shirley Showalter.

To be eligible for consideration:
1. The submission must be a completed work in any form, for example, research paper, web site, presentation, video documentary, masters thesis, etc.
2. It must present the original scholarly contribution of the author.
3. It must have been completed while the author was a student, undergraduate or graduate, at Marietta College during the current academic year (or the preceding summer) and in connection with coursework at the college.
4. It can be in any field of study, but must be based largely or entirely on sources held in the Slack Research Collections of Legacy Library.

The Award committee was composed of the Provost, Dr. Gama Perucci; the Associate Provost, Dr. Mark Miller; and the Director of the Library, Dr. Douglas Anderson. The committee considered both the quality of the writing and the final product of the research as well as the effective use of the resources of Special Collection.


Ethan Shoemaker. Among Them That Was: Samuel Hildreth Putnam and the Civil War. Course: HIST 402 Senior Capstone. Instructor: Dr. Katy McDaniel.


Hannah Ratliff. Swift as the Coursing River: The Evolution of Flood Response, Relief, and Prevention during the Ohio River Disaster of 1937. Course: HIST 202 Professional Historian. Instructor: Dr. Matt Young.

Marie Leger. Marietta College’s Lost Valedictorians: Their Similarities and Differences. Course: HIST 402 Senior Capstone. Instructor: Dr. Katy McDaniel.