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David Putnam Papers


      The papers of David Putnam, Sr., are owned by the Marietta Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, but have been placed at Dawes Memorial Library for preservation and access.


      David Putnam, Sr., was born February 24, 1769, in Pomfret, Connecticut, the grandson of General Israel Putnam. In 1793, he graduated from Yale, and the following year accepted a position on a ship bound for London. Putnam suffered many discomforts and abuses during the trip, and the vessel eventually wrecked along the coast of France. A journal that he kept of the experience is included in his papers.
      When Putnam returned to the United States, he studied law for two years in Connecticut, and on September 16, 1798, married Betsey Perkins, the daughter of Elisha Perkins of Plainfield. The couple then traveled on horseback to make their home in Marietta, Ohio, where Putnam’s parents had moved a few years earlier. In Marietta, Putnam held many positions, including teacher, postmaster, and banker, while continuing to practice law. David Putnam died in Marietta on March 31, 1856.

Box 1
* 1. Acts of the State of Ohio, 1805 Volume 1 David Putnam’s name on outside and inside first page.
* 2. Holy Bible, New York, American Bible Society, - 1854 owned by Frank Lancaster.
  3. Memo Book, 1823 and 1824 – David Putnam.
  4. Supreme Court, Sept. Term 1806 – David Putnam.
  5. Docket Book “G”, Court of Common Pleas, 1806 – David Putnam.
  6. Docket Book “F”, Court of Common Pleas Dec. Term, 1805 – David Putnam.
  7. Memo Book, Nov. 1828 – David Putnam.
  8. David Putnam’s Docket Book “B” August term 1804.
* 9. The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac – 1848.
* 10. The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac – 1852.
  11. David Putnam’s Docket Book A, Commenced Washington County Court of Common Pleas March terms A. D. 1799.
  12. Accounts of Pews rentals from 1 June 1823 – David Putnam.
  13. Memo Book, Feb. 21, 1826 – Dec. 4, 1826 – David Putnam.
  14. Memo Book – March 16, 1824 –1825 – David Putnam.

Box 2

Western Spectator, Vol. 1, No. 40 Marietta, OH July 23, 1811 – Newspaper.

^ 2. A Journal of a Voyage from Paimboeuf to New York aboard the Jefferson.
  3. A Book of Letters – H. W. Noble & Co. Marietta, OH starting Aug. 12, 1813.
  4. Memorandum Book, New Haven, June 14, A. D. 1792 “An Ephemen’s”
* 5. An Oration, pronounced before the Washington Benevolent Society of the County of Washington State of Ohio, on the 22nd February, 1817. By George Turner, Esq. Marietta, OH Printed by Royal Prentiss – 1817.

Duplicate, 1802 – List of Land belonging to non-resident Proprietors in County of Washington.

  7. The Spirit of 76 Vol. XII June, 1906 No. 6 whole No. 139. Monthly Publication at New York, NY Edition: L. H. Cornish. Contents Putnam’s Cottage Dedication, Greenwich, Conn. (Flag Day, June 14, 1906 – Memory of General Israel Putnam.
* 8. Tones From a Strange Harp or Original Poems, An Hour Among the Tombs, by Hiram A. Hill. Weekly Leader, Marietta, OH –1888.
* 9. The English Reader or Pieces in Prose and Poetry by Lindley Murray, W. & J. Davis, Zanesville, OH – 1831.
  10. Goat Skin Memo Book 1838 – David Putnam.
* 11. New Testament (In Latin) belonged to Thomas Lord, - 1776.
* 12. History of Scotland during the Reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI, by William Robertson, DD, Philadelphia: J. Bioren and T. L. Plowman, -1811.
  13. David Putnam’s Journal – April 1795 (Goat Skin Cover).
* 14. B. P. Putnam’s Math Book – June 20, 1815.
^ 15. List of Original Purchases of the Ohio Company – B. B. Putnam.
^ 16. Birth, Marriage & Deaths of Knowles and Devol Families.
^ 17.

Deed: George Turner of Marietta, Washington Co., OH for sum of $200.00 paid by Benjamin P. Putnam for 100 acres on Fifth Division. Lot No. 532 Township Two, Range 14 Ohio Company Purchase, Feb. 20, 1821.

^ 18. Deed: Benjamin Tallmadge, Town and County of Litchfield, State of Connecticut, sum of ten dollars paid by Benjamin P. Putnam and George Turner of Marietta, OH House lot 238, May 13, 1820.
^ 19. Deed: Nahum Ward of Marietta, Washington Co., OH for the sum of $15.00 paid by Benjamin P. Putnam, city lot 510 situated between Seventh and Eighth St. Marietta, OH Feb. 7, 1824.
^ 20. Deed: Benjamin P. Putnam of Marietta, county of Washington, State of Ohio. For a sum of $25.00 paid by Alexander Calder of Warren county of Washington, State of OH. For two 8 acre lots 1012 and 1000 in the twenty third Section, 1st Township and 9th Range in the Ohio Company Purchase. 2 Additional Sheets supporting Deed.
^ 21. Church trustees Meeting – Jan 18, 1835
^ 22. Envelope – Medical College of Ohio
^ 23.

Trustees of General Putnam’s Will.

^ 24. James Joyce to David Robertson for 100 acre lot – dated 21 Aug. 1818 – Reverse side starts Vol. 3, page 281.
^ 25. Mr. Bosworth for Board of workmen.
^ 26. American Union Lodge to Ichabod Nye. Expenses of hanging Bell and etc. in the Meeting House.
^ 27. Note #1 to D. Woodbridge concerning repairing Meeting House – Note #2 to D. Woodbridge concerning Record Book for sale of Pews – David Putnam
^ 28. Sale of Pews in the Meeting of the “First Religious Society in Marietta”
^ 29. Letter to Wm. R. Putnam & D. Putnam, Esq. Concerning the Society Meeting and General Putnam’s Will and the “Trust Pews” Signed D. Woodbridge.
^ 30.

Letter A&M College, Auburn, Ala. for J. B. Warner –16 Feb 1881.

^ 31. Letter to C. N. Potwin Esq. of Marietta College from C. G. Came concerning a fraternity.
^ 32. Letter to George Hildreth, Esq. MD from H. Rogers 23 Jan 1845.
^ 33. Belleprie, OH (now Belpre, OH) Dec. 18, 1796 from Israel Putnam.
^ 34. Klinthwowth’s Work / David Putnam to Mrs. Bosworth for board. (4 documents total)
^ 35. 12 pages “A Tour to Ohio”
* ^ 36. Envelopes addressed to Mrs. B. B. Putnam, Mr. & Mrs. B. B. Putnam, and two for Doctor George Hildreth.
^ 37. Note giving information on Timothy E. Danielson.
* ^ 38. Envelope addressed to Mrs. B. B. Putnam.
  indicates that there is no copy of this work besides the original.
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