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Charles G. Dawes Autograph Collection

A collection of 146 letters and documents of world famous men and women was presented to Marietta College in 1938 by Charles Gates Dawes (MC Class of 1884). Dawes, Vice President of the United States from 1925 to 1929, assembled the collection while in France during World War I, when he served as chairman of the General Purchasing Board, general purchasing agent of the American Expeditionary Forces, and member of the Military Board of Allied Supply. The collection focuses primarily on French men and women, although a few other countries are represented. Many of the letters and documents were both written and signed by the author.

Bonaparte Family French Statesmen and Military Officials Musicians
House of Bourbon French Women Scientists
French Philosophers Artists and Literary Figures Miscellaneous Kings and Queens
French Rulers   Miscellaneous

Bonaparte Family

Name Description Cat. No.
Elisa Bonaparte (1777-1820). A.L.S., 1 p., 4to. Florence, July 6, 1811. To the Minister of War. About promotion of Adjutant-Commander Mariotti.

Sister of Napoleon.

Jerome Bonaparte (1784-1860). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. February 28, 1857. To Argadsky. About Argadsky’s second book. 29

Brother of Napoleon.

Jerome Bonaparte (1784-1860). Unsigned letter, 2 p., 8vo. n.d. To (Charles) Edmond. Advice on answer to article in Times about European alliances. 30

Brother of Napoleon.


Jerome Bonaparte (1784-1860).

L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Palais-Royal, August 16, 1859. To Geoffroy St. Hilaire. Asking information about tigers “in the frozen forest of Manchuria.” 31

Brother of Napoleon.

Louis Bonaparte (1778-1846). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Valladolid. 22 Thermidor, year 9 [Aug. 11, 1801]. To his brother. About his friends and travels in Spain. 32

Brother of Napoleon; King of Holland.

Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Abbadia, San Salvatore, March 10, 1831. To “Most esteemed Commander.” About his son, Don Pietro, who is to be imprisoned in fortress for a year. 33

Brother of Napoleon.

Maria Annunciata Caroline (1782-1839). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Hamburg, July 18. To Elisa. Concerning sale of furniture and other objects. 27

Sister of Napoleon; wife of Joachim Murat.

Marie-Louise Bonaparte (1791-1847). D.S., 1 p., folio. Paris, Jan. 27, 1813. Document naming Madame de Martainville as member of the Society of Maternal Charity. 35

Second wife of Napoleon.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). D.S., 1 p., folio. Bayonne, June 15, 1810. Signed on margin of a report by Minister of War Clarke. Concerned with appointment of Adjutant-Commander Massabeau. 36

Emperor of France, 1804-1815.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). D.S., 1 p., folio. Paris, Mar. 25, 1809. Signed on Margin of a report by Count de Hunebourg. About military matters. 37

Emperor of France, 1804-1815.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). L.S., 1 p., folio. Paris, April, year 9 of the Republic [April 1801]. Signed on margin of a letter by Darsonval concerning his military service pay. 38

Emperor of France, 1804-1815.

Victor Bonaparte (1862-1926). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Brussels, June 3, 1903. To M. Du Tillet. Appreciation for his willingness to corroborate with M. Legrande and M. Flandin in task begun by M. Berger. 39

Grandson of Jerome Bonaparte.

Joachim Murat (1771-1815).

L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Foligno, fifth month of Fr. Republican calendar [January]. To Citizen Rigau. Asking for frankness in information given him.


Husband of Caroline Bonaparte; King of Naples.

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House of Bourbon

Name Description Cat. No.

Louis the Dauphin (1661-1711).

L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Versailles, Feb. 13, 1698. To “My Cousin.” Appreciation of evidences of his affection” as soon as peace was made. 41

Son of Louis XIV.

Louis-Auguste de Bourbon Maine (1670-1736). L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Rambouillet, July 21, 1732. To Cardinal de Fleury. Asking the date set for an audience with the king. 42

Son of Louis XIV and Mme. De Montespan.

Louis-Auguste de Bourbon Maine (1670-1736). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Versailles, May 10, 1712. To Princesse de Conti. About political plans. 43

Son of Louis XIV and Mme. De Montespan.

Louis-Auguste de Bourbon Maine (1670-1736). L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Sceaux, May 9, 1713. To the Princess de Conti. Arranging an appointment for serious discussion. 44

Son of Louis XIV and Mme. De Montespan.

Louis-Auguste de Bourbon Maine (1670-1736). A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. Versailles, April 4, 1712. To Princesse de Conti. About a legal proceeding. 45

Son of Louis XIV and Mme. De Montespan.

Gaston d’Orléans (1608-1660). L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Saumur, Sept. 10, 1627. To Monseigneur. Concerning his desire to serve “Your Majesty.” 46
Son of Henry IV.
Philip II, Duke of Orleans (1674-1723). L.S., 2 p., 8vo. 1719. To the Marshal of Berwick. Recommending the Knight of Marcieu for advancement. 47

Grandson of Louis XIII.

Robert, Duke of Chartres (1840-1910).

A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Paris, Dec. 21, 1890. To “My dear Marquis.” Thanks for “felicitations” on the return of his son from a journey.


Grandson of Louis Philippe I.

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French Philosophers

Name Description Cat. No.

Jean Le Rond D’Alembert (1717-1783).

A.L. 2 p., 8vo. Aug. 1. To (Madame Necker). Concerning manuscripts he has sent her. 59

French philosopher and mathematician.

Henri Bergson (1859-1914) A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Paris, Oct 3, 1913. To “Monsieur.” Explaining why he cannot give a lecture. 60

French philosopher.

Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Motiers, Aug. 27, 1763. To M. M. Perret and Gretillat. Has received manuscript which he will read and return. 61

French philosopher.

Francois Marie Arouet De Voltaire (1694-1778). D.S., 1 p., sm. 8vo. Chateau de Ferney, April 23, 1766. Receipt for sum of money. 62

French philosopher, historian, dramatist and man of letters.

Francois Marie Arouet De Voltaire (1694-1778).

A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. n.d. About the loan of a book and asking financial advice.


French philosopher, historian,
dramatist and man of letters.

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French Rulers

Name Description Cat. No.
Charles IX (1550-1574). A.L.S., 1 p., 4to. To his sister, the Queen of Spain. Sending assurances of his friendship. 64

King, 1560-1574.

Henry II (1519-1559). L.S., 1 p., 4to. Paris, May 27, 1549. To Seigneur Francisque de Ville. Arrangements for Seigneur de Ville to go to Rome where the cardinal will give him employment. [unmounted]

King, 1547-1559.

Henry III (1551-1589). L.S., 1 p., 4to. Chateau of Boulogne, near Paris, August 17, 1568. To “My Lords.” About a dispatch sent by “the King my Lord and brother and the Queen my mother.” Unmounted copy of portrait included. 66

King, 1574-1589.

Henry III (1551-1589). D.S., 1 p., folio. Aug. [?], 1581.
Translation not available.

King, 1574-1589.

Henry IV (1553-1610). A.L.S., 1 p., 4to. n.d. To M. de Pailles. About a meeting with the Queen Mother and his wife. 65

King, 1589-1610.

Louis XIII (1601-1643). D.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, August, 1612. Concerns convocations of “estates” of Lanquedoc. [unmounted]

King, 1610-1643.

Louis XV (1710-1774). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. June 29, 1745. To Saint-Florentine. Answer written and signed on margin of a letter from Saint-Florentine about action of the three chambers in financial matters. 67

King, 1715-1774.

Louis XV (1710-1774). D.S., 7p., folio. Versailles, July 4, 1769. Approval of report of finances of Auch for year 1767. Also signed by members of the Royal Court of France. [unmounted]

King, 1715-1774.

Louis XVI (1754-1793). L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Versailles, 1778. Urging care in speaking of affairs discussed at a recent meeting. [unmounted]

King, 1774-1793.

Marie Antoinette (1755-1793). Marriage document, December 31, 1781, of the Marquis of Louvre and the Countess of Reichenberg, signed by Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Louis Stanislas Xavier, King of Poland (1764-1795), and Elizabeth Marie, sister of Louis XVI. Bound in red leather. uncataloged

Wife of Louis XVI; Queen of France, 1774-1793.

Louis XVIII (1755-1824). D.S., 4 p., 8vo. March 10, 1797. Autograph signature on a printed proclamation. [unmounted]

King, 1795-1824.

Louis Philippe (1773-1850). L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Neuillly, June 28, 1823. About the boundary line in the Isle of the Little Jatte. 68

King, 1830-1848.

Napoleon III (1803-1873).

A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. October 3. To Monsieur Abbatucci. Concerning relief for flood victims of the Ardeche.


Emperor, 1851-1870.

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French Statesmen and Military Officials

Name Description Cat. No.
Juan D’Autriche (1547-1578). L.S., 1 p., folio. Feb. 2, 1578. To the Duke of Brunswick. Old German script; translation not available. [unmounted]

Son of Charles V; famous soldier.

Achille Bazaine (1811-1888). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. April 16. To General Brincourt. Military matters. 73

French general.

Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte (1763-1844). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Rennes, the 7th Messidor, Year 9 [June 27, 1801]. To Ernouf. Asks for notes on England and Ireland to use in finishing a report. 74

French general and Marshal of King of Sweden.

Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815). L.S., 1 p., 8vo. On Battlefield of Lutzen, May 3, 1813. To General Bertrand. Military orders from the Emperor. 91
Marshal of the Empire.
Jacques Fitz-James Berwick (1670-1734). A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. Bordeaux, May 2, 1719. About his prospects for military advancement. 76

Marshal of France; son of James II of England and Arabella Churchill.

Victor-Francois Broglie (1718-1804). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Broglie, June 6, 1768. To the Marshal de Balincourt. About promotion to lieutenant for Monsieur Barton de Montbas. 75


Francois-Paul Brueys D’Aigailliers (1753-1798). L.S., 4 p., 4to. 8th Floreal, Year VI, Republican [April 28, 1798]. To Citizen Najac, Director of the Navy. About naval matters. 77

Vice Admiral.

Jules Cambon (1845-1935). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. June 15, 1905. Thanks for a book. 79
French diplomat.
Jean Casimir-Périer (1847-1907). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Feb. 3, 1895. Accepting presidency of a society of former students. 80

Fifth president of the Republic.

Nicolas de Catinat (1637-1712). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. At Camp near Pignerol, Nov. 18, 1692. To M. le Comte Dugua. Concerning winter orders for his regiment. 81

French marshal.

Charles d’Amboise Chaumont (late 15th and early16th cents.) A.L.S., 3 p., folio. Come, July 13, 1502 [?]. to his uncle, George d'Amboise, Archbishop of Rouen. Concerning military and other affairs in Italy. Handwritten copy in French is included. [unmounted] 140

Marshal of France, 1506; admiral, 1508.

Louis II de Bourbon Condé (1621-1686). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To “my son, the Duc.” Instructions to his son in Paris. 82

Seventeenth century military figure; conqueror of Rocroy.

Louis II de Bourbon Condé (1621-1686). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Chantilly, Aug. 28, 1666. Approval of marriage of son of M. de Sauveur with the daughter of M. De Terron. 83

Seventeenth century military figure; conqueror of Rocroy.

Georges-Jacques Danton (1759-1794). D.S., 1 p., folio. Paris, Sept. 11, 1792. Concerning pension to be paid to Nicholas Francois Lany. 84

French revolutionist.

Jean Dunois (1403-1468). A.D.S., 2 p., 8vo. Sept. 16, 1466. Confesses to having received financial aid from the “dauphin” king. 85

French commander; son of Duke of Orleans.

Jules Claude Gabriel Favre (1809-1880). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Nov. 17, 1865. To M. Lesire. Feels he is too humble a person for the French Academy.

French statesman.

Nicholas Foucquet (1615-1680). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Paris, June 4, 1655. To Mazarin. Financial matters. 87

Superintendent of Finances under Louis XIV.

Léon Gambetta (1838-1882). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. 45, rue Bonaparte, Dec. 17, 1863. To M. Silvestre. Urges collection of fees for legal case as he is in need of money. 88

Orator and statesman.

Henri de Lorraine Guise (1550-1588). D.S., 1 p., 4to. Joinville, Dec. 18, 1578. Order to pay to Alphonse de Maugarin, 18,000 livres. Portrait included. [unmounted]

French general and statesman.

Jean-Baptiste Kléber (1753-1800). L.S., 1 p., folio. Cairo, 30 Fructidor, year VII, Republican [Sept. 16, 1799]. To Citizen Protin. Asking Protin to come to Cairo. 90

French general.

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier La Fayette (1757-1834). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, Ventose 22, year 10 [Mar. 13, 1802]. To Citizen Minister. Concerning payment by the government for his property of the Gabrielle. 92

French general.

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier La Fayette (1757-1834). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, Feb. 14, 1821. Acceptance of an invitation to call on Madame --- [name marked out]. 93

French general.

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier La Fayette (1757-1834). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, April 27, 1779. Complaints about cannons as “too old and too long.” 94

French general.

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier La Fayette (1757-1834). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. La Grange, Oct. 10, 1828. To General Bernard. Asking help for a friend hoping to establish himself in the United States. 95

French general.

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier La Fayette (1757-1834). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, May 22, 1779. “Our expedition has failed and… the king has completely changed his plans.” 96

French general.

Charles Lorraine (1524-1574). L.S., 2 p., folio. Paris, Jan. 12, 1557. To his brother, The Duc de Guise. About the capture of Calais. [unmounted]

Archbishop, cardinal, and Minister of Finance under Francis II and Charles IX.

Francois-Henri de Montmorency Luxembourg (1628-1695). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Ligny, Sept. 12, 1670. To M. Colbert. Expresses some reluctance to serve under the Marshal of France. 89

Marshal of France.

André Masséna (1758-1817). A.L.S., 1 p., folio. Paris, July 6, 1815. Requests that the 7th Company of veteran fusiliers may continue their service to the Museum of Natural History. 97

Marshal of France.

Jules Mazarin (1602-1661). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Saint-Jean de Luz, August 1659. To Mme de Venel. Written during the negotiations of the Treaty of the Pyrenees, about one of his nieces. [unmounted]

Cardinal; statesman.

Victor Moreau (1763-1813). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. n.d. To Delele. “The women must leave the army in several days.” 100

French general.

Jacques Necker (1732-1804). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. October 27. Sending your resolution signed and approved by the King. 98

French minister.

Michel Ney (1769-1815). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Remscheid, 23 fructidor, year 111 of the Republic [Sept. 9, 1795]. To Lieut. Gen. Kleber. Military affairs. 103

Marshal of France.

Jean-Martin Petit (1772-1856) A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, April 20, 1842. To the Chancellor of France. Informs of the loss of Marshall Moncy. 102

One of Napoleon’s generals.

Charles Pichegru (1761-1804). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To General Scherer. Returning a parcel for the son of general Prolyx, now a prisoner of war. 101

French general.

Armand-Jean Du Plessis Richelieu (1585-1642). D.S., 1 p., folio. Paris, June 28, 1627. Document concerning settlement of revenues. Countersigned by Marie de Vignerod. [unmounted]

French minister.

Maximilien Robespierre (1753-1794). A.L., 2 p., 8vo. n.d. To “brothers and friends.” Urging those who had been won over by the Feuillants to rejoin the Jacobins. [unmounted]

French revolutionist.

Maximilien Robespierre (1753-1794). D.S., 2 p., folio. 7th day of 9th month of 2nd year of the Republic [May 26, 1794]. Document from the Register of the Committee of Public Safety concerning transfer of military supplies. [unmounted]

French revolutionist.

Maurice Saxe (1696-1750). L.S., 2 p., folio. Camp de Tongres, August 17, 1747. To Comte de Lowendal. Tells of sending reinforcements as the enemy descends the Meuse. Portrait included. [unmounted]

Marshal of France

Maximilien de Béthune Sully (1560-1641). D.S., 1p., 4to. July 3, 1603. Receipt for 7200 livres for payment due Jan.-April of the present year. Notation on reverse. On vellum. [unmounted]

French minister.

Louis-Jules Trochu (1815-1896). A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. Tours, Dec. 2, 1880. Refusing the request of a lady by explaining reasons for his retirement.  

French general.

Henri de La Tour Turenne (1611-1675).

A.L.S., 1 p., 4to. Neufchateau, Jan. 2, 1637. To the Duc of Valimar. Asks for 150 horses to relieve a besieged company.


Marshal of France.

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French Women

Name Description Cat. No.
Anne de Polignac Chatillon (1627-1695). A.L.S., 4 p., 4to. Chatillon, Jan. 31. To Madame de Belsunce. Letter to her cousin with news of family and friends. 106

Wife of Gaspard III de Coligny, Marshal of France.

Marie de Rohan Chevreuse (1600-1679). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. January, 1660. To Cardinal Mazarin. Thanking him for his efforts to recover from the Spanish government the money owing to M. de Fuensaldagne. [unmounted]

Political intriguer; twice exiled, once by Richelieu and once by Mazarin.

Ninon de Lanclos (1616-1706). A.L., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To M. de Bonrepaux. “I believe this boy will be worthy of your kindness…” 107

French gentlewoman of the seventeenth century; friend of Richelieu and Moliere.

Francoise-Athenaís de Rochechouart-Mortemart Montespan (1641-1707). A.L. unsigned, 3 p., 4to. To Huet, Bishop of Avranches. About reception of two girls into a convent. Includes a copy of the above letter and biographical material on the writer. 108

Mistress of Louis XIV.

Mme. Jeanne Phlipon Roland (1754-1793). A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. Lyons, Jan. 16, 1788. [To M. de Longchamp?] Friendly letter signed with initials D.L.P. 109

Famous woman of the Revolution.

Marguerite De Valois (1553-1615). Described as “personal signature on vellum.” Ussom, Sept. 4, 1588.
(Note states “empty folder” and “mss. missing.”)

First wife of Henry of Navarre (afterwards Henry IV); daughter of Henry II.

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Artists and Literary Figures

Name Description Cat. No.
Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850). A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. To a friend, Dablin. Asking to purchase for him a Bible, newspapers and theatre tickets. 1

French novelist.

Maurice Barrès (1862-1923). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Aix-les-Bains, Sept. 12, 1903. To M. Claretie. Concerning use, in his writings, of words which he claims to have “invented.” 2

French novelist.

Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899). A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. By, Jan. 5, 1892. To “Monsieur.” Expresses thanks for his article about his visit to By and other personal news. 121

French painter.

Francois- René Chateaubriand (1768-1848). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, March 22, 1826. To Ladvocat, publisher. “Never on those conditions: on mine, and that’s all…” 3

French author.

Charles Collé (1709-1783). Unsigned fragment of a letter. 1 p., 8vo. Half with pen; half with pencil. Observations on European politics. 5

French dramatist and composer.

James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Feb. 1, 1831. To M. David. Introduces Mr. Hall who wishes to have a copy made of a bust of Mr. Cooper. 4

American novelist.

Alphonse Daudet (1840-1897). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To mon cher ami. “Keep my manuscript until I come to see you.” 6

French novelist.

Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Friday evening, 1st thermidor. To Le Sueur. Appreciation of opera Bardes. 7

French painter.

Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. 73 Boulevard Waterloo, Wed. 28th. To Monsieur and dear compatriot. Invitation to a dinner in honor of Victor Hugo. 8

French novelist and dramatist.

Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To “my dear Charles.” About publication of his book, Memoirs of Emma Lyonna. 9

French novelist and dramatist.

Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To Lamartine. Asking his friend Lamartine to write. 10

French novelist and dramatist.

Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To “Dear Inez.” Love letter to Inez. 11

French novelist and dramatist.

Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870). A.D.S., 2 p., 8vo. Paris, Nov. 18, 1833. Agreement to write plays for Jouslin de Lasalle to produce and Madame Dorval to act. Also signed by Jouslin de Lasalle. 13

French novelist and dramatist.

Alexandre Dumas (1824-1895). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. To Mr. Editor (Journal de Debats). Answer to charges of irregularities in publication of The Adventures of Four Women and a Parrot. 16

“Dumas Fils” French dramatist and novelist.

Gugliemo Ferrero (1871-1942). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Torino, July 13, 1915. Publication of his book delayed by censor. 15

Italian historian and sociologist.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To “Dearly Beloved Hans.” Requests his friend to write often with news of family and friends. 17

German poet.

Jean Baptiste Greuze (1724-1805). L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris. About the purchase of his painting of Saint Marie l’Egyptienne by the government. [unmounted]

French painter.

Henri Heine (1797-1856). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, June 28, 1934. To “Madam.” To say goodbye “once more.” 18

German poet and journalist.

Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. January 15. To Francois Coppee. Expresses appreciation of poems. 19

French poet, dramatist, and romance-writer.

Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885). A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. The Assembly, May 24, (1849). To M. de Lacretelle. Concerning elections and the future of France. 21

French poet, dramatist, and romance-writer.

Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. June 18, 1851. To Charles Farcinet. Appreciation of “your beautiful and noble verses.” 22

French poet, dramatist, and romance-writer.

Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885). A.L.S., w p., sm. 8vo. Hauteville House, May 6, 1856. To Roger de Beauvoir. Friendly letter. 117

French poet, dramatist, and romance-writer.

Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885). Copy [?] of a letter, 1 p., 8vo. June 18, 1851. To Monsieur Charles Farcinet. “Thanks for your beautiful and noble verse...” 118

French poet, dramatist, and romance-writer.

Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. July 25. Letter of condolence. [unmounted]

French poet, dramatist, and romance-writer.

Alphonse Mariet Louis De Prat De Lamartine (1790-1869). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. April 17, 1839. To “My dear Colleague.” Agreeing to a request made of him earlier. 20

French poet, historian and statesman.

Francois Elie Jules Lemaitre (1853-1914). A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. Loiret, Sept. 19, 1883. To “My dear friend.” Giving his critical opinion of his friend’s literary work. 25

French critic and dramatist.

Joaquin Miller (1837-1913). A.L.S., 1 p., 4to. Oakland, Calif., Jan. 20, 1920. To Dr. Cook. Thanks for a poem. Typewritten copy and photograph included. 113

Poet – “Poet of the Sierra.”

Elisa Félix Rachel (1820-1858). A.D.S., 1 p., 8vo. Meulan, June 27, 1856. Giving power to M. Bellevaut to represent her in verification of inventory of her apartment. 12

French actress.

Elisa Félix Rachel (1820-1858). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. n.d. To Marquise de Custine. “I have been very ill… The role of Rosemonde tires me…” 14

French actress.

Joseph Rouget De Lisle (1760-1836). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Paris, Dec. 11, 1809. Asking for a loan to enable him to join his brother in Holland. 23

French author of Marseillaise.

Sierre Paul Rubens (1577-1640). A.L.S., 2 p., folio. March 23, 1628. Translation not available. Portrait included. [unmounted]

Flemish painter.

George Sand (Madame Amandine Lucile Aurore Dudevant, né Dupin) (1804-1876). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Sept. 25, 1847. To Emmanuel Arago. Plans for visits from her friends and giving news of herself and family. 120

French novelist, most prolific authoress in history of literature.

Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller, (1759-1805). A.L.S., 2 p, 8vo. Weimar, Feb. 17, 1802. About settlement of a court case. 24

German poet.

Francois Joseph Talma (1763-1826).

A.D.S., 1 p., sm. 8vo. To Mr. Corneille. Asking M. Corneille to pay 200 francs to M. Descoins on his account.


French tragedian.

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Name Description Cat. No.
Ludwig von Beethoven (1770-1827). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. (1808) To (Baron de Gleichenstein). About the best way to get to Linz. 56

German composer.

Hector Berlioz (1803-1869). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. n.d. To M. Benachi. About etudes by Heller. 51

French musician.

Alexandre César Léopold Georges Bizet (1838-1875). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Sunday, n.d. An invitation to breakfast on Tuesday. 49

French musical composer.

César Franck (1822-1890). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. n.d. To de Breville. About a musical composition. 50

French composer.

Jean-Nepomucene Hummel (1778-1837). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Weimar, Sept. 12, 1825. To Georges Naegeli, Zurich. About conditions concerning publication of his compositions. 53

German musician.

Jean-Baptiste Lully(1633-1687). D.S., 1 p., 8vo. Paris, July 27, 1686. Receipt for 500 pounds for stocks. 52

French composer.

Giacomo Meyerbeer (1791-1864). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Tuesday, n.d. To (Guilbert Duprez). Setting an hour for rehearsal. 54

German musician.

Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Friday, n.d. Friendly note to a colleague. 57
French composer.
Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Jan. 17, 1905. To “My dear Joly.” No longer busy with Andromaque but…with other things.” 58

French composer.

Richard Wagner (1813-1883).

A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. n.d. To (Madame Erard). About attendance of his friends at his concerts.


German composer.

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Name Description Cat. No.
Francois Arago (1786-1853). A. Mss., 6 p., 8vo. n.d. To The Deputies of the population of Limburg and Luxemburg. Manuscript of a speech with erasures and corrections. 70

Physicist of early nineteenth century.

Georges Cuvier (1769-1832). A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Paris, ..18th.. To Monsieur Arrago. Information that the king will receive the Academy to-morrow. 71

French naturalist.

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794). A.L.S., 3 p., 8vo. Jan. 25, year II of the Republic. To Citizen Parisis. Business and agricultural information. 116

Founder of modern chemistry.

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895).

A.L.S., 2 p., 8vo. Arbois, Sept. 19, 1884. To “My dear Colleague” (Perrot). About successors to M. Bertin at l’Ecole normale.


French chemist and biologist.

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Miscellaneous Kings and Queens

Name Description Cat. No.
Alexander III (1845-1894). D.S., 1 p., folio. Gatchina. March 24, 1887. Naming Alexandre Volborth to post of Russian Consul General at London. 122

Emperor of Russia, 1881-1894.

Charles V (1500-1558). L.S., 3p., folio. Dietrichofen, Nov. 12, 1552. To the Archbishop of Mayence. Translation not available – old German script; signed “Carol.” [unmounted]

Emperor of Holy Roman Empire, 1556-1558.

Henry VIII (1491-1547). D.S., 1 p., 8vo. Greenwich, May 16, 1533. Approval of report of the treasurer of the wardrobe. [unmounted]

King of England, 1509-1547.

Queen Victoria (1819-1901).

D.S., 1 p., folio. Court of St. James, June 2, 1887. Proclaiming M. Alexandre Volborth the Russian Consul-General in London.


Queen of England, 1837-1901.

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Name Description Cat. No.
Joseph René Bellot (1826-1853). A.L.S., 2 p., 4to. Rochefort, July 5, 1848. To M. Ch. Thomas. About his departure for South America. [unmounted]

Arctic explorer.

Henri Coiffier d’Effiat de Ruzé de Cinq-Mars (1620-1642). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. Saint-Germain, Dec. 2, 1641. To M. de Croujat. Orders about deliveries of dispatches and ordinances. 78

Political intriguer.

Louis Kossuth (1802-1894). A.L.S., 1 p., sm. 8vo. London, June, 1858. “To work: time is pressing and history is waiting.” 111

Hungarian patriot; first governor of Austria after independence, 1849.

Mezel A.L.S., 4 p., 8vo. Paris, August 29, 1810. Plans for the monument in honor of Jean Lannes, Duke of Montebello. 99
Horatio Nelson (1758-1805). A.L.S., 1 p., 4to. St. George, May 23, 1801. To Mrs. Maurice Nelson. Offering help to his widowed sister-in-law. Letter sent in care of Lady Hamilton. 112

English admiral.

Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington) (1769-1852). A.L.S., 1 p., 8vo. June 5, 1843. Short personal note. [unmounted]

English general.

General de Cavignac (1802-1857). A.L.S., 4 p., 4to. To Monsieur Le President [of the United States]. Introducing Citizen Poussin as the representative of the French Republic to the U.S. 110

Minister of War; temporary president, Second republic, 1848.

Unsigned Unsigned letter, 4 p., 8vo. Thorngrove, April 17, 1814. To “Most Holy Father.” Sending Monseigneur Milner from England to plead his cause as a “Roman” detained in England as a Frenchman. Mention of Mme. Luciano. 34
Unsigned Document, 1 p., folio. December 12, 1537. To Richard Andrews. Deed for the Rectory of Culnorth Old English script; translation not available. [unmounted]