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Library Instruction and Your Class


Library Instruction

Library instruction can be provided for students at all levels of the academic experience.
We particularly encourage sessions for beginning students and those classes that have strong research or writing elements. With information landscapes ever changing, the development of thinking and research skills continues to become more important. Competence and literacy in research skills allows students to become critical thinkers and more successful in their studies at Marietta College.

Participation in library instruction can help students:

  • Approach research with less anxiety
  • Define topics with greater precision
  • Understand the limitations of popular internet tools like Google
  • Locate a variety of print and electronic resources on specific subjects
  • Understand the difference between scholarly and popular resources
  • Explore resources available at the College Library and resources available statewide and nationally
  • Prepare for future writing or research orientated classes

Class Instruction Sessions

When a course instructor has given a research-based assignment, the Instruction Librarian can teach a class session in the library or in the classroom. The Instruction Librarian can work with the course instructor to identify the most relevant resources to fulfill the requirements of the assignment. The librarian will introduce these resources in the class and spend time explaining how those resources can be used in the project. To arrange a library instruction session please don’t hesitate to contact the Instruction Librarian Joseph Straw at email or at x4541.