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WRIT 102- College Composition- Heather Surface: Websites

Useful Library Resources for WRIT 102 class

Additional Tips for Evaluating Websites

What is the site’s domain?

  • .org:  A site that's an advocacy or organizational site.
  • .com: A business or commercial site.
  • .edu: A site affiliated with a college or university.
  • .gov: A site affiliated with state, local, or federal governments.
  • .uk:  (United Kingdom): A two letter country code that indicates a site originating in another country.

Is the page current?

  • Always check for a date or an updating schedule.

Is the site professional and function well?

  • Does the site have typos and clear grammatical errors?
  • Can the site be navigated easily? 
  • Does the site have clear editorial responsibility?