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Google and the Internet: Evaluating Websites

This guide is intended to provide helpful tips and tricks for using Google and other search engines to find good quality information.

Who, What When, Where, & Why

The process of evaluating source materials is an important part of conducting research. When deciding on whether or not to use a particular website (or any other source), the following questions are useful in determining a source's value for your research needs.


Who is the author/creator of the website?

What are their credentials?

Are they a recognized expert in the field they are discussing?


What is the purpose of the website? Is it to inform? Persuade?

What is the intended audience?


When was the website created?

How long has it been since it was updated?


Does the author provide sources?

Where is the information used to create the website from?     

Where is the author from? Who are they affiliated with? A university? A business or company?


Why was the site created?

Why should anyone use this website?