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Electronic Thesis Submission: Saving Your Thesis as PDF

Saving Thesis as PDF

Convert your MS-Word document to a PDF file

These instructions assume that you have a complete and approved copy of your thesis as a MS-Word document.  The instructions and figures below are based on MS Word 2016 on a Window 10 computer. 

If you are using a recent version of Windows and MS-Word, do the following

1.  Open the file that contains your thesis in MS-Word.

2.  From Word's main file menu, select "Save As."

3.  On the Save As screen, Browse to select a location to save the file.  You will need to find this location later to upload the file to OhioLINK.  If you don't want to save this file in the same directory as the original file, you should browse to the proper directory. You will also need to enter the file name for the resulting PDF. Instead of your original file name, it is suggested that you use the name "Lastname Thesis", substituting your own last name and eliminating the quote marks. You will need to be able to find this directory and file again during the thesis upload step later in this process.

Figure 1. MS Word Save-As screen.

MS-Word Save As Dialog


4.  On the next dialog box, before saving, click on the drop-down menu for Save As Type to select PDF.

Figure 2. MS Word Save-As screen.


5.  You will also need to set one option, so before saving/publishing next click the "Options" button.

Figure 3. MS Word Save-As screen Options.


6.  Check the box near the bottom for ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A) compliance. Verify the Document structure tags for accessibility is also checked. Then click OK.

Figure 4. PDF publishing options.


7.  Back on the Save As dialog box, you can now click "Save."

Depending on how your MS Word options are set, the PDF file may automatically open in a PDF viewer window as soon as the file is saved. If not, you should do this by opening a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat.  You should scan through the file to make sure that the conversion was successful. Pay particular attention to the formatting of tables, images, etc.


Other recent versions of MS-Word should work similarly to the process described above.  If you have created your thesis using other software that does not offer a Save as PDF option, you may need to install a third-party PDF conversion package, such as CutePDF, a freeware application (see ).