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Food and Drink Policy


Many library users appreciate being able to eat or drink as they study. On the other hand, foods and liquids have many negative aspects in connection with libraries, including the potential for damaging books, journals, and other paper materials, as well as computers and other electronic equipment. Food residue and waste can attract bugs and vermin, and can make the overall environment smelly, sticky, and generally unpleasant.

The following policy is designed to allow for some food and drink while preventing the more problematic aspects of food consumption in the library environment.

Please do your part to keep the Legacy Library a pleasant place for study and research.


No food or drink is allowed in these areas of the Legacy Library:

  • Public computer workstations, including
    • the Reference/Information Commons area on the main floor,
    • the computer classroom (LIBR 218), and
    • individual computer carrels throughout the building.
  • Special Collections

In other public areas of the Legacy Library, the following are allowed:

  • Drinks in spill-proof containers
  • Snack foods, such as chips, candy bars, cookies, etc.

Foods not allowed in public areas of the building include:

  • Drinks in containers without lids.
  • Smelly foods, such as popcorn, french fries, etc.
  • Messy foods, such as
    • pizza
    • soups
    • cereal with milk
    • yogurt
    • fruit cups
    • bagels with toppings
  • Meals, sandwiches, salads
  • Fast food meals

Spills should be reported to one of the service desks on the Legacy Library's main floor. Food residue and waste should be deposited promptly in trash or recycling receptacles as appropriate.

Groups desiring to serve food in connection with an event in the Legacy Library building must request permission from the Director of the Library.