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Course Reserves: Electronic Reserves

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Electronic Course Reserves


Electronic Reserves

Journal articles, book chapters, and other materials may be placed on electronic reserve by either scanning the item to create a pdf file, linking to a URL, or linking to one of the library's electronic databases. These types of items will be accessible for viewing and printing from the reserve system via the library catalog, or through your Moodle course page.

The Library's subscribed databases, particularly EBSCO's Academic Search Complete, OhioLink's Electronic Journal Center, and JSTOR can be very useful for providing access to journal articles for class readings. Here are instructions for Finding URLs for E-reserves. Use of articles from these systems is allowed by the terms of the library's license and does not face the copyright restrictions of other materials. Some of the library's subscribed databases, notably NexisUni, are designed in a way that prevents deep linking and are therefore problematic for the E-reserve system.

Other items can be scanned and converted to PDF format for inclusion in the E-reserve system. This includes chapters from books, articles from journals not among our electronic subscriptions, and other documents (including documents prepared by the instructor, such as sample tests, course notes, etc.). These documents are mounted on a secure web server with access limited to the campus community. Documents derived from published books and journals are included in the E-reserve system with some limitations to comply with the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Law. It is important to note that the library is able to scan for e-reserves only items for which either the library/college or the professor owns an original publication; photocopies obtained through ILL, etc., cannot be scanned for E-reserves. We also ask that instructors provide us with a clean photocopy of the pages of the book/article to be scanned.


When a faculty member wishes to place an item on e-reserve, either a hard copy, a URL, or an electronic resource (pdf or Word document) must be provided along with a full bibliographic citation and a completed Reserve form. Web form or Paper form (printable PDF). For items that must be scanned, we also ask that instructors provide us with a clean photocopy of the pages of the book/article to facilitate the process.

Complete instructions concerning how you want the document cited should be provided (e.g. Article/Chapter Title, Journal/Book Title, Syllabus Reference).

Either the library or the faculty member must own an original copy (not a photocopy) of any item to be scanned in order to comply with copyright requirements and fair use guidelines. No more than 10% of a book may be used.

When submitting multiple items for e-reserve processing, indicate the priority you need to have them entered.

Documents may be sent to along with the bibliographic citation and course information.

Please allow two (2) working days (Monday-Friday) for e-reserve processing.

One (1) hard copy provided by faculty member will be kept in the e-reserve file by course as a back-up.