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A *select* number of textbooks are available as ebooks on our database platforms.

Please note the following: 

  • We do not have ebook versions available for all course texts.
  • Some of the ebooks allow only one or three users at a time. 
  • Limits on access and availability are set by publishers, not the library or university.

Have more questions about e-textbooks available from the library? Contact us!

Accessing eBooks in Course Reserves

To access an eBook for your course, click on the "Reserves" tab at the top of the library's main page and enter either your professor's name or the course title.






In the Course Reserve record for your class, eBooks will be listed as "Internet Resource." Click on the title to access the eBook. 

Sharing Course Ebooks

Some ebook versions of textbooks are available for rent and/or purchase via Amazon, directly from the publisher, or on platforms like VitalSource or RedShelf. This prompts some obvious questions: 

Why can't the library buy the ebook of Amazon, etc., and share the link?

Platforms like Amazon and VitalSource require individual accounts to identify buyers and users, so that only that account can access that purchased title. We can't provide a link to the whole university that would only work for one person.

But Amazon has family sharing!

Yes, Amazon allows Prime members to create a household/family library and the ability to share purchased content within that group. However, that group is limited to 2 adults and 4 children, and not all titles are not enabled for lending. In fact, most academic textbooks and bestsellers are *not* available for lending.

You can check and see if a title can be lent in your household group by looking at a title's Product Details section on their Amazon page: 

amazon product details lending enabled



Other Sources

Students should also check the eBook collections of their local public libraries. While most public libraries don't hold academic textbooks, they might have other titles on your class reading lists available for eBook checkout.  Most public libraries in Ohio participate in the Ohio Digital Library, which is part of OverDrive. It provides digital access to eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and movies with your public library card.