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MLA Quick Guide: 7th Edition: Newspaper Article

A simple introduction to citing sources following the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed.

Model Citation for a Newspaper Article

Works Cited Entry, Basic Form

Author Name, Reversed. "Title of Article." Title of Newspaper Date, Edition: Pagination. Medium of publication.

  • Use the prescribed punctuation between each element of the citation.
  • Title of the article is in double quotes.  Title of the newspaper is in italics.
  • Include pagination of the entire article (not just the part you are citing).  If the article continues after skipping pages, put the first page number and a plus sign (+).
  • Use hanging indent (all lines after the first indented 1/2 inch).

Article in a Print Newspaper


Carcamo, Cindy. "'Dreamers' sit in detention: Brought illegally to the U.S. as children, the 'Dream 9' await the outcome of a risky protest at the border." Los Angeles Times 3 Aug. 2013, Home Ed.: A12.  Print



Article in a Newspaper from a Library Database


"Bribery, not just the illegal kind, plagues today's politics." USA Today 24 Jan. 2014, Opinion sec.: 10a. Academic Search Complete. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.


More Information

For more details on citing articles in newspapers, see MLA Handbook, chapter 5.4.5, p. 141-142, and chapter 5.6.4, p. 192-193.

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