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Lesson Plans and Activities that support the Pioneer History Exhibit


Ohio Pioneers

"From such beginnings, much may be expected."

- George Washington, February 7, 1788


Ephraim Cutler

Ephraim Cutler

Ephraim Cutler from "History of Athens County, Ohio" by Charles M. Walker (1869).

Map of Ancient Native American Earthworks

Map of Ancient Native American Earthworks

from "Ancient monuments of the Mississippi Valley: Comprising the results of extensive original surveys and explorations." by Charles Whittlesey, E.G. Squier, and E.H. Davis (1847).

Rufus Putnam

from the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly, (1888).

Ancient Mounds in Marietta

Ancient Mounds in Marietta

from "A Popular History of the United States" by William Cullen Bryant and Sidney Howard Gay (1876).


Manasseh Cutler

from "The Records of the Proceedings of the Ohio Company, Volume II" by Archer Butler Hulbert, (1917).

Landing of the Pioneers

Landing of the Pioneers

from "On the Trail of the Pioneers" by John T. Faris (1920).

For the Ohio!

  Image from "The United States of America, Part 1" by Edwin Earle Sparks (1904).

Map of Ohio by Manasseh Cutler

"A map of the Federal Territory from the western boundary of Pennsylvania to the Scioto River" by Manasseh Cutler (1785). Held by the Library of Congress.

Muskingum Academy

from the Harry Phillip Fischer Collection in the Marietta College Special Collections. 

Exhibit Lesson/Activity Ideas

Click on the tabs at the top of the page to get educational activities for your classroom. The activities are organized to correspond to our exhibit panels. Ohio Learning Standards have been included where applicable. Please feel free to modify the activities in any way you wish.