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FAQs: OhioLINK Pickup Anywhere

Frequently asked questions

How to Make a Pickup Anywhere Request

NOTE:OHIOLINK LENDING of PRINT and AUDIOVISUALS is suspended for the time being.

OhioLINK materials (Including materials from Marietta College) can be picked up at other OhioLINK institutions. To make a request, search the OhioLINK catalog.

OhioLINK Central Catalog

1. When you locate the item that you want, click the Green request button

OhioLINK Request Button circled .

2. Select Marietta College as your school or institution.

Enter Marietta College

3. At the login screen, enter your name from the front of your ID and the Barcode ID number from the back of your ID.

4. IMPORTANT: Select the Pickup institution where you would like to pick up your materials. If needed, select the Pickup location at that institution if there is more than one. The default will be Marietta College.


Login Screen      Marietta College Identification

Pickup Anywhere FAQs

1. What is Pickup Anywhere?

Pickup Anywhere allows students and faculty to request, pickup and return materials at any OhioLINK member library

2.How to I use pickup anywhere?

When requesting materials in the OhioLINK catalog, you will need to select Marietta College as your school or institution. Then you will be prompted to enter your name as it appears on the Marietta College ID and the Barcode ID number on the back of your ID. Marietta College is the default pickup location, but you can select any OhioLINK institution from the drop-down list.

2. Why do I get the message “Authentication Failed” after I type in my name and ID number?

You may have a typographical error in what you entered. Try again. You also may not be registered in the Library or may not have updated your ID in the Library. For either of these reasons, please call the circulation desk at 740-376-4757 for assistance.

3. How do I get help with Pickup Anywhere?

Please contact the circulation desk if you questions at 740-376-4757 or email us.

4. How do I contact the Pickup Location if needed?

Contact information for OhioLINK member institutions