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Rodney M. Stimson Collection

Deeded to the College in 1900, the Stimson Collection consists of about 19,000 volumes of Americana, rich in the history of the Old Northwest Territory and Ohio, the westward movement, Native American Indians, the Revolutionary and Civil wars, slavery and abolition, personal narratives, almanacs, and books on early travel. An 1847 graduate of Marietta College, Rodney M. Stimson (1822-1913) was a lawyer, newspaper editor, and librarian of the State of Ohio, as well as librarian, treasurer, and trustee of Marietta College. The Stimson Collection of books has been considered by scholars as one of the finest in the country.

Rare Book Collection

About 1,800 volumes are contained in the Rare Book Collection. Cataloged by year of publication, the collection contains volumes dating from 1489. Included are incunabula, rare dictionaries, nineteenth-century textbooks, and many historical first editions.

Special Collections

In addition to the Stimson and Rare Book collections, an estimated 28,000 other volumes considered too rare or valuable to circulate are held in Special Collections. Recently published books related to local history, and books authored by Marietta College faculty, are preserved in this collection, as well as items of historical importance. All items from this group are listed in the Marietta College Library’s on-line catalog.

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