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Ohio Pioneers Virtual Exhibit: Pioneer Life

Pioneer Life

Pioneer Life

The work of building a settlement, farming, families, Picketed Point, and Joseph and Elizabeth Barker. 

An Ordinance Relative to Bathing in the Ohio

Text: Ordinance Relative to Bathing in the Ohio

“Bye-Laws” of the Town of Marietta
Stimson Collection

After the incorporation of “The Town of Marietta” in 1800, town council passed laws regulating burying grounds, sidewalks, entertainment, nuisance animals, and many other issues. In 1820, a law was enacted to ensure decency when bathing in the Ohio or Muskingum rivers “between the hours of four of the clock in the morning, and eight o’clock in the evening.”

Tavern Bill

Manuscript: Tavern Bill

Tavern Bill
Hildreth Collection
19 November 1790

Marietta’s earliest inn and tavern was kept by Buell and Munsell along the Ohio River at Picketed Point. It served travelers on their westward journeys, as well as local shipbuilders and other craftspeople. John Mathews’ account shows his libations included a “Mug of Flip,” pint of spirits, wine bitters and more.

Wolf Bounty

Manuscript: Wolf Bounty

Manuscript: Order to Pay for Wolf Scalp
Order to Pay for Wolf Scalp
28 August 1798

Robert Oliver, Justice of the Peace, orders the Washington County Treasurer to pay $2.00 to Josiah Sherman of Waterford for killing a grown wolf. Wolves were viewed as a nuisance and threat to livestock. Local officials paid bounties for scalps of wolves, panthers, and other predatory wild animals.

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