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Ohio Pioneers Virtual Exhibit: The Rivers

The Rivers

The Rivers

Travel, commerce, and industry on the Muskingum and Ohio rivers.  Shipbuilding, floods, moving agriculture, goods and people. 


The Pioneers, page 170: “The Marietta shipyards, along with Greene & Company, which built the St. Clair, were those of Jonathan Devol, Joseph Barker, Benjamin Ives Gilman, Colonel Abner Lord, and were all highly active. It had become an enterprise of greatest importance. . . . In addition three rope-works were in operation to supply rigging and cordage. The summer of 1807 saw two ships, three brigs, and two schooners being built at one time.”

Commodore Abraham Whipple

Engraving: Commodore Abraham Whipple

Panel 9

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Ohio Pioneers Exhibit Panel 9