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Ohio Pioneers Virtual Exhibit: Visitors



Visitors to Marietta included Meriwether Lewis (on the way to join Clark), John Chapman “Johnny Appleseed,” Aaron Burr, the Marquis de Lafayette, and John Quincy Adams.  The Burr-Blennerhassett Conspiracy.

Marquis de Lafayette

Engraving: The Marquis de Lafayette

The Marquis de Lafayette

The Pioneers, page 209: “Cannon were fired as Lafayette came ashore, bells rang as virtually the whole town flocked to greet him, ‘all eager,’ as said, ‘to seize his hand and welcome him to the soil he so nobly defended.’ The crowd arranged itself in two lines, down which and back Lafayette passed to shake hands with each and all. Grasping the hands of the few veterans of the Revolution there to pay their respects, he seemed unwilling to let go.”

John Quincy Adams

Engraving: John Quincy Adams

Panel 10

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Ohio Pioneers Exhibit Panel 10