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Legacy Library

Library Reference Assistant Resource Guide: Closing Procedure

Closing Procedures

15 minutes before close

Make first closing announcement
10 minutes before close

Check floors, paying particular attenttion to:

  • Restrooms – if light turns on it means bathroom is unoccupied
  • Study tables and carrels – push in chairs
  • Lounge areas - do some light tidying if necessary
  • 2nd floor classrooms – make sure lights are off and push in chairs
  • Bookstack aisles – reset any stack with a flashing red light
5 minutes before close
  • Make second closing announcement
  • Gently urge people at 1st floor computers and study tables to pack up
  • Make closing announcement
  • When the building is all clear, turn off building lights and exit the building

Additional important items

  • As you are checking floors, circulation student assistants will the lock main doors and turn off tv monitors in the lobby. 
  • If you see anyone using earphones during your floor check, politely approach them and remind them that the building is closing.  They might not have heard the announcement. 
  • Report any problems you find on while checking floors (e.g. excessive trash or other building maintenance issues to Peter Thayer (text | email | phone).   
  • If you have trouble locking doors call Campus Police at 740-376-4611

Closing announcement scripts