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Library Reference Assistant Resource Guide: Off campus login

Off-campus login

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Click on 'Research Databases'.
  3. Find the database you want to use in the alphabetical list and click on its title.
  4. One of two login screens appears. 

If the Marietta College Library login appears, type your name in the first text box, your MC ID barcode number in the second text box, and click 'Submit'.  

If the OhioLINK login screen appears, do the following:

  1. Choose 'Marietta College' and click on 'Submit'.
  2. Enter your last name followed by your first name in the first text box and then enter your MC ID barcode number in the second box.  Click on 'Submit'.
  3. Choose 'Marietta College' from the drop-down box provided.
  4. Click on Click Here in the box that says, “Marietta College…For full listing of research databases at your institution”.
  5. Locate your database using the alphabetical or subject links and then click on its title.


“What is my barcode number?”
The barcode number is the long string of digits on the back of your Marietta College ID.  It begins with 25236.

“I get an error message saying my barcode number is invalid.”

Ask the student for their barcode number.  Check with someone at the circ desk to make sure that the barcode on the user's ID matches the one in the library system.  If it doesn’t match, ask the person at the circ desk to change the barcode in the library system record to the one the user provided to you.

“I get an error message saying my authentication failed.”
Ask the user to restart the login process, making sure the user has entered their last name first as directed in step 2 of the OhioLINK login instructions.