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Legacy Library

Student Library Reference Assistant Resource Guide: Building Issues

Library Information


Legacy Library
Marietta College
215 Fifth Street
Marietta OH 45750

Phone Numbers

Circulation Desk:

Reference Desk:

Special Collections:





General Building Information

Building Keys

Room / Equipment Key Location
  • Main & café entrance doors
  • Alarmed emergency exit
  • Circulation workroom
  • Printer paper cabinet
  • Reference Desk
  • Housekeeping
  • Lower floor study rooms
  • Classroom 219
  • Ctr for Teaching Excellence
  • Circulation Desk laptop cabinet
  • Other locked areas
  • See Library Director

Building Maintenance Issues

Building maintenance issues include problems with building facilities and fixtures.  These problems include:

  • Elevator malfunctions
  • Rest room plumbing problems
  • Light fixture problems
  • Door swipe unit problems
  • Compact shelving problems
  • Spills

Reporting Guidelines 

If the problem occurs…


Before 5pm on a weekday

Any library staff person

After 5pm on a weekday or at any time during a weekend

Campus Police at their non-emergency number --740-376-4611

Evenings and weekends, you'll need to contact Campus Police for assistance with a building problem.  Make sure you tell Campus Police to send an officer or an on-call physical plant staff person to assess the situation.

Compact Shelving Units

If a compact shelving unit is not working properly, use the battery-powered backup unit to manually open it for anyone who needs access.  The backup unit is in the circulation workroom. 

If a compact shelving unit problem occurs on a weekday evening or weekends, leave a note about it at the reference desk.  On the note, make sure you indicate the number of the malfunctioning unit.  The unit number is provided on the small sign on the unit's wooden end panel.  Please make sure an out of order sign is also placed on the affected shelving unit. 

Alarmed Emergency Door

An alarmed emergency door is located on the library's 1st floor in the west stairwell (mall side).  If someone attempts to exit from this door, a doorbell alarm will sound in the 1st floor lobby. To disable the alarm, do the following:

  1. Get the emergency door key from the circulation work room.
  2. Go to the door and make sure it is fully closed.
  3. Put the key in the door and turn it.  After a few seconds, the door should automatically lock and the red dot should begin to flash.  This means the door has been properly reset.

Study Rooms

  • Study rooms operate on a first come-first served basis for student study and cannot be reserved in advance. 
  • Groups have priority over individuals in the use of study rooms.   
  • Personal items should not be left in study rooms.  This prevents others from using the rooms.  Unattended personal items may be removed by library staff and held at the Circulation Desk for pickup. 
  • Lower floor study rooms should be locked at all times for safety reasons.  Keys for both rooms can be checked out by patrons at the Circulation Desk for up to three hours. 

Power & Technology Outages

Power outages

  • Report the outages to Campus Police at their non-emergency number 740-376-4611. 
  • Let patrons know they do not have to leave the building. 
  • The alarms for the universal power system (UPS) units will go off if the outage lasts more than a few seconds.  You’ll need to shut all the UPS units down, which in turns shuts the computers down.  Failure to shut down the UPS units will drain their batteries and can potentially damage the equipment to which they are connected. 
  • Call Dr. Anderson, Library Director (740-624-1429) and Mr. Thayer (304-588-0747 or 304-375-3740) to brief them on the situation.
  • Do not close the building unless directed to do so by Campus Police or other authorized college official.
  • Flashlights are available at the Reference Desk and Circulation Desk.  Emergency lighting is in key areas of the building such as stairwells. 
  • Do not use the elevator until power has been restored. 
  • Once power is restored, turn the UPS units back on.  You will probably need to turn on desktop PCs and other devices back on as well.  If you have problems turning equipment back on, contact the IT Help Desk (740-376-4860) or leave the equipment off and post an out of order sign on it.  Notify Peter Thayer of any problems through email or text or note. 

Technology outages

  • If campus is network down, call the IT Help Desk (740-376-4860).
  • If the library system is down (computers work but circulation assistants can’t do transactions at the Circulation Desk) – call Peter Thayer at (304-375-4740 -- home) or (304-588-0747 -- cell)