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Legacy Library

Student Library Reference Assistant Resource Guide: Emergencies - Weather

Weather Emergencies

  1. If Pioneer Alert indicates a tornado is imminent, make announcement“Pioneer Alert reports a tornado warning has been issued for our area.  People are to find immediate shelter. Please use one of the library stairways to move to the library basement right away.  Stay away from windows as you proceed downstairs. For your safety, do not exit the building at this time.”
  2. Periodically repeat the announcement until the warning ends.
  3. When an all-clear is announced, make the following announcement: “The tornado warning has ended.  You may now return to your place or exit the building.”

•Pioneer Alert will notify campus of all other weather emergencies.  When an alert is issued, contact Campus Police for further instructions on what the library needs to do (i.e. does the building need to be closed?).