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Library Reference Assistant Resource Guide: Ricoh - Printing

Getting help with Ricoh machines

If you can't fix a problem with a Ricoh machine, do not contact IT for assistance.  Contact Peter Thayer about a Ricoh machine issue and he will subsequently contact Ricoh directly for help.  To ensure that no one attempts to use a machine that needs to be fixed, tape on 'Out of Order' card on it.

To clear paper jams, follow the instructions on the Ricoh machine display screen.  

If a machine is in need of a toner cartridge replacement, do the following:

  1. Put the machine out of order
  2. Contact Peter Thayer to let him know that the machine needs a new toner cartridge.  He can take care of it the next day.     


Printing Instructions

Part 1: At the library desktop computer

  1. Open your document
  2. Click the 'Print' menu option at the top of the screen
  3. Make sure the destination printer is set to 'ricohprinters on mcprint‘
  4. Click on 'Print using system dialog...' or equivalent command 
  5. When the Ricoh print options screen appears, choose your desired print options: Black & white or color / 1- or 2-sided prints / Staples or no staples / Hole punches or no hole punches.  YOU MUST YOU CHOOSE THE COLOR OPTION ON THE RICOH PRINT OPTIONS SCREEN ONLY.  OTHERWISE, YOUR PRINT WILL BE IN BLACK & WHITE!  YOU ALSO CANNOT CHOOSE TO PRINT IN AT COLOR AT THE RICOH MACHINE!
  6. Click on the 'Print' button.

Part 2: At the Ricoh machine:

  1. Swipe your ID over the swipe unit or log in using your email address  and password
  2. Select the job you want to print and press the ‘Print’ button.  If you have sent multiple jobs, the newest one is listed first.
  3. Press the 'Log off' button.
•You can cancel a print job after you sign into the Ricoh machine.  Just press the 'Cancel job' button at the top of the display.  
•Personal laptops and other mobile devices cannot be used to send print jobs to the Ricoh machines